Lucky I live here -

And so can you

Come home time and time again to Wailea and Makena!



“Lucky we live Hawaii” is a local saying that encapsulates the gratitude each and every one of us privileged to call Maui home understands completely.

Mauians are grateful for Magical Moments: the sun rising over Haleakala, seeing a whale breech, standing under a waterfall on the road to Hana, hiking La Peruse, the night sky without light pollution – this magic surrounds us every day.

It is a documented fact - The Aloha State is one of the healthiest and happiest place to live.

I know.

My story is not such an unusual one. After vacationing in Hawaii for several years, my husband and I knew, without a doubt, we wanted to live here one day.

We purchased 4 acres on the North Shore, built a small cottage with the intention of building a larger home when and if we were able to move.

Then – we got midlife crazy – said, “What the heck!  Let’s see if the fantasy is real.”  We moved to Maui “on a trial basis” and have never looked back!  Each and every morning, my husband and I would wake up and say, “Lucky we live on the North Shore.”

Maui embraced us right back.

We moved to Wailea and now each morning, my husband and I look at each other and say, “Lucky we live Wailea!” 


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