Not everyone on Maui wants to live in Wailea.  

The 10 Best Reasons for living on Maui’s North Shore!

1.  Ag Land – No CCRs!  Grow your own vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, orchids – maintain your own chickens for fresh eggs – keep your children healthy and happy. 

Owning Agricultural land in Hawaii grants you access to and membership in a rich historical lifestyle.  Beginning with the Native Hawaiians who brought the life-sustaining Taro plants to these islands on outrigger canoes, to the Plantation Days of Sugar Cane and Pineapple, Maui has nurtured those who love and care for the ‘aina (land.)  Some of those rewards are very specific: lower taxes, no CCRs, low building density.  Some are indirect benefits:  happy and healthy children (and adults.)  

 The area around Huelo is rich; stick something in the ground and it will grow!  Take some time to think about what you want to cultivate….citrus trees, vegetables, flowers, cattle, chickens…and be sure to check out the following websites:

Maui County Farm Bureau

The University of Hawaii Tropical Agriculture

Maui Flower Growers Association     


2.  Creative Energy – Stop.  Listen. Feel the special aura of this spot.  Write, paint, CREATE – ideas just come to you!

While we don’t want to give away all our secrets, your neighbors include artist of all types.  Have you ever been to Mama’s Fish House and marveled at the stunning beauty captured in their live flower arrangements?  That’s right, the designer lives out here.  


We won’t name names or tell you who, but many celebrities have found much needed solace and seclusion here.  Why not tap your own creative energy?  We promise – you will surprise yourself!

3.  Sunshine – The quality of the light brings out the intensity of the colors in this area – the BLUE ocean, the RED ti, the YELLOW bananas– colors are definitely more intense.  


They say the movie industry settled in Los Angeles because of the quality of the light.  Well, lucky for Hollywood, Maui was not an easy travel destination.  As dawn becomes day, the light intensifies, gradually growing brighter until the morning sun, rising from the direction of the Hana Coast, appears to literally flip the light switch ON.  Everything becomes illuminated!

4.  Pristine Undeveloped Area – Nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. 

 It is still possible to build your home here and see only natural beauty in every direction.  From the slopes of Haleakala to the magnificent Pacific Ocean, everywhere your eye settles  - beauty is pushed directly into your brain.   The Results?   Your brain on beauty = creativity!  Few have the opportunity to live this Maui North Shore Lifestyle!


5.  Stars – There is NO light pollution.  Track the stars as they move across the night sky.  Nothing is nicer than sitting in your hot tub watching shooting stars.  Inflate an air mattress and camp in your yard when the meteor showers are visible in the sky.  We guarantee -  Magic All Night Long.

Download The Night Sky app and point it at the sky!

6.  Temperate Weather – When it is hot in town, the trades keep this area cool.

After your trip to the Costco and you and your car are heated up, head home.  Observe the subtle elevation change.  Feel the temperature drop.  Take a deep breath.  Wait a minute – hand me that sweater, please!


7.  Rainbows – A gentle rain throughout the night gives way to a sunrise that hands you a rainbow with your coffee.

Get ready to take a picture every morning!   The normal weather pattern here gives you a soft rain after sunset.  The rain cleans the air, gives life to your garden, and, adds the extra benefit of keeping your skin looking great.  But as the sun rises, the rain retreats.  Double rainbows light your path some mornings and you will marvel at the stunning beauty.  It feels like this amazing gift, this present, was designed just for you to enjoy for this brief moment in time.   Ever seen a moonbow?  Wait until you have a full moon and a gentle shower, then check out the shades of silver in the bow!

8.  Crank your Music! 

Need we say more?  


9.  Watch the whales come and go each year as they swim past.

Every October, Maui anticipates the first whale sighting of the season.  You will have a front row seat!  These amazing creatures will swim outside your home for the next six months, living and loving, just like you, around this island of Maui!

10.  Easy Commute.  You can work in town and return to your compound for the weekend.  There is No better spot to rest and repair!

While you are worlds away, you are not too far from civilization:  15 minutes to Haiku, 20 minutes to Paia, 30 minutes to the airport.  Pick and choose how much you want.  When you are ready, close your gate.  Maui is a healing place.  Give back to your soul with the gift of time.  Time to just be present, to recharge, allowing you to continue to make your unique contributions to our wonderful world.  


Now that I have shared my top reasons – do not wait.  Begin adding your own to this list!